Contest closes ON tuesday, March 31st at 12pm est

Contest winners will be announced on Wednesday, April 1st, 2015


You will have the rest of March to gain followers and help you win! The contest will close at 12pm EST on Tuesday, March 31st, 2015. The Instagram account with the highest number of followers will win our grand prize. The winner will be officially posted on our site on Wednesday, April 1st (no April Fool’s joke).




The prize date will take place on Thursday, April 30th.

Ladies, It's Officially Time To Take Over Instagram!



  • We will assign each bride a public Instagram account to be used for the contest on Friday, March 6th. The contest will begin from this point forward!
  • We have checked the availability of these Instagram accounts in advance. Please register the Instagram account we assign to you using your own email address as soon as you receive our email. (We suggest using / registering an email account that you could share with your bridal party so that they can all post too!) 
  • All parties in the race will receive their email at the same time, so please check your emails throughout the day on Friday March 6th.
  • Ladies, you must use the following hashtags in EVERY photo posted: 

#loveyourgirls       #pearlbridalhouse     #bridesmaids    #helpuswin

  • You may use additional hashtags as you so choose.
  • You must tag @pearlbridalhouse_toronto in EVERY photo posted.
  • IMPORTANT: For every photo that is incorrectly tagged or does not have the four hashtags noted above, a follower will be deducted from your final count at the end of the race. 



  • After tagging @pearlbridalhouse_toronto, tagging other contest sponsors in the description and photos will increase your likelihood of winning (our sponsors may repost content to help you win!) Here is a list of our sponsors to tag in your posts for additional support:

Our contest sponsors and their Instagram accounts:

Four Season Hotel Toronto: @fstoronto

Fancy Face: @fancyfaceinc

5ive15ifteen: @5ive15ifteen

Tara Fava: @tarafavajewellery

DeRose Designs: @derosedesigns

Lux Spa: @luxspayorkville

Love by Lynzie: @lynzielouise


appropriate content to post

  • Post photos of how you met, best memories of you and your girls, photos of your girls together or individually, or anything else you think might help you win!
  • Basically, show and tell the Instagram world why you have the best party in Toronto!


The Fine Print

  • Please note that any offensive content will automatically disqualify you & your girls from the contest, and will be up to the sole judgment of Pearl Bridal House Inc. (we just had to say it!)

  • Instagram followers cannot be purchased. (we will be checking and remember, you can't buy love)